Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time for more time for Christmas!

Its been awhile...apparently like Scrooge or the Grinch, I've been stingy offering specials of late. Actually...I've just been so busy thinking about work to offer up as sales or market has been, here's a few for starters..

8"x 10" "Late Afternoon Haybales"  oil on linen...
(click to see larger view....)

Original price is $400 
For who knows how long(?)...I'll offer this work at 50% or half off price...$200

- - -  -

"Sunset Point- Presque Isle"  5"x 7" oil on panel...

Original Price was $175....making it available for-


- - - -
Couple years ago, I did a series of in studio portraits and exercises...this one is a 1700's British fur trader...and even a short YouTube video as I was explaining steps painting it...

As you can see, this fella is set to sell at $400 on my Fine Art America page...

Fine Art Prints on Demand

But...for this limited time, I will let this fine little study go nearly at half price... $225

- - - -

Seining Fishing boat..5x7 oil quick plein air study while teaching a painter's workshop in Juneau, Alaska.  Waiting for the tide to come go out fishing.

Original price on this one is $175...and letting it go during this short time for $65...

- - - -

Mt Juneau Alaska, 5x7 quick study oil...

Original price was $175...and for this limited time on sale for $65

- - - -

Apple Tree Quick Study- 5x7 oil on panel...
Original price was $165...available here for limited time...$65

- - - -

5x7 quick study of W&N Bright Red tube of paint...

Never before offered for sale, an older item study of red undertones and brevity in brushwork, color and values.  Just letting folks have a chance at some past works I have laying around...

for a limited time will offer this for $65...

(* note...if curious, I typically charge by the square inch for my work...$5 to $7 per square inch depending on smaller or larger, plein air or instudio...etc)

- - - -

5x7 quick study, Mendenhall Glacier...Juneau, Alaska oil on panel...

Nice to encourage folks to get a "Seiler" original on the wall for something of a steal...a short time only...and never offered for sale before...

...for a limited time, available for $65.00

- - -

7x5 oil on panel...quick study water in wine glass, never offered for sale before...a past exericse in brushwork and values...
available limited time...  $65

- - - -

Oliver River...NW Wisconsin, plein air...oil on canvas panel...

Original price is $400...but for a very limited time...letting this go at $175.00 

- - - -

5x7 Plein Air...backwaters of Mill Pond here in NE Wisconsin, a second and last quick study for an evening's light...

Never before offered to sell...original at my typical pricing would be $175...and making it available right now...for a limited time...

at $70....

- - - -

9x 12 oil on panel... Wintry Road plein air...

Painted while sitting on the tailgate of my truck on a wonderful yet chilly day here in NE Wisconsin.  Rare that I offer my larger plein airs on sale...and this one I've kept from the galleries...

My pricing would retail this for about $750...and will let this go for half price for a limited time...   $325.00

- - - -

Last Offer for now...this plein air painted about twenty miles west of my home here in NE Wisconsin, set up on a higher elevation cool windy winter's day.  Loved this view, its been one of my personal favorites...but time moves on...

9"x 12" oil on panel..plein air "Great View Winter Farm"

Original price on this is... $795.00 and for this limited time available on sale at $375.00

and a reminder...all pictures clicked on bring up larger view...
thanks...and good shopping!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

More works for sale...enjoy!

...a redhead drake in oil...

5"x 4" oil on pumice gessoed panel...
(click on image to see larger)

Original price- $140.00
YOUR 50 percent off...fuel pumpin' price- $70.00

- - - - -
Redheads in Flight!

5"x 7" oil (click on image to see larger view)

Original price- $245.00
YOUR 50 percent off...fuel pumpin' price- $125.00
(click on link below)

- - - - - -

Last Light Mill Pond...plein air
5"x 7" oil

Setting up, was literally the last hour of light
and became a study in glare and sun haze...

Original price- $245.00

- - - - -

Upper Michigan...Fall on the McLure Basin
plein air (painted on location)
5"x 7" oil on pumice panel-

Original price- $245.00
YOUR 50 percent off...fuel pumpin' price- $125.00
(click on link below)