Sunday, December 21, 2008

A few more Plein Air pieces....and studies

6"x 6" oil Camp 20 Creek...

Small painterly plein air...painted on this
snowy creek location.

- - - -
Nashville Summer Color
...6"x 8" oil mounted on stained luan

Plein air painted roughly 18 miles west of where
I live in NE Wisconsin. Painted last couple hours
of light when shadows are low and color rich!

Original price- $365.00
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- - - -

Camp 20 Creek color vibration study w/red undertone
6"x 6" oil mounted on stained luan


I did a number of works experimenting with reddish
undertone following some study of the teachings of
Edgar Payne and Emile A. Gruppe. Red is the opposite
color of greens, and contrasting green paint against
a reddish undertone excites the greens, and causes the
brushstroke to feel as to better imitate light. This
was one such study...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Few more to tempt you...

The first is a painting I did during the month of
April, a plein air (painted on location...),
8"x 10"...oil

I was quite taken by the backlit glare of these tag
alders along a spring thaw snowy bank. The promise
of spring...water opening. Enjoyed the brushwork and
capturing the light's mood..

Spring River Alder

Original price- $575.00
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- - - -

8"x 10" Aminicon Falls oil

Amnicon State Park is in NW Wisconsin, about 20 minutes
east of Superior. I camped along this river/falls
park for a week a couple summers ago and produce a
number of paintings...

Original price- $575.00

- - - -

Sardines and Crackers 8"x 10" oil

A simple still life, set up on a rainy day...

Original price- $575.00
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sherman Tank...plein air

9"x 12" oil on board

This was painted in Wabeno, WI at their community park,
and what struck my eye was the beauty of the light,
the reflected color and indirect light...creating
this sense of beauty. An irony I thought, of something
known for purposes of carrying out vast destruction to
sit so still, peaceful..and such color.

It carried nobility for its purpose, proud...

Original price- $750.00
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Batch of Works on Sale...oil paintings (more coming...check back!)

The following images are clickable, bringing up a
larger image to see each work better...

- - - - - -


"Tools of the Trade" 5"x 7" alla prima oil

Alla prima means to paint start to finish in one session,
this one a pleasant study in values and brushwork. Often
between outings to paint outdoors on location (plein air)
I will set up simple still life studies with aims to push
some aspect that will benefit my outdoor painting. This
was one of those studies.

- - - - - -

Bluebill Drake 5"x 7" oil study...

A study in contrast & values...

- - - - -


7"x 12" plein air oil..Upper Michigan, McClure River Basin

A study of light...painted on location

- - - -

Onion and Garlic
4.5"x 6" canvas hardboard

- - - - -


McClure Basin Island Plein Air oil...5"x 7" on panel

This was painted sitting in a boat in upper Michigan,
of an island south of our family cabin. Have thought
of this as a little gem since I painted it.

- - -

Butterscotch Candy & Wrapper 4.5"x 6" oil

Set up as a study in studio...

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