Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Batch of Works on Sale...oil paintings (more coming...check back!)

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"Tools of the Trade" 5"x 7" alla prima oil

Alla prima means to paint start to finish in one session,
this one a pleasant study in values and brushwork. Often
between outings to paint outdoors on location (plein air)
I will set up simple still life studies with aims to push
some aspect that will benefit my outdoor painting. This
was one of those studies.

- - - - - -

Bluebill Drake 5"x 7" oil study...

A study in contrast & values...

- - - - -


7"x 12" plein air oil..Upper Michigan, McClure River Basin

A study of light...painted on location

- - - -

Onion and Garlic
4.5"x 6" canvas hardboard

- - - - -


McClure Basin Island Plein Air oil...5"x 7" on panel

This was painted sitting in a boat in upper Michigan,
of an island south of our family cabin. Have thought
of this as a little gem since I painted it.

- - -

Butterscotch Candy & Wrapper 4.5"x 6" oil

Set up as a study in studio...

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